Entertain Your Wedding Guests!

How to Make Your Wedding More Fun

You’ve said your vows, exchanged rings and signed the register. Hooray! You now emerge a married couple into a tunnel of confetti to lead your guests to the reception. Typically lasting 1-2 hours the wedding drinks reception is time for mingling, eating tasty canapés and quaffing something fizzy. As the newlyweds you’ll be busy with group and couple shots and being congratulated by friends and family. Time will fly by. But will your guests have as much to keep them entertained?

There are so many things you can do to provide light relief and entertainment at your wedding. The most obvious is music. Often this in the form of something that won’t overwhelm the talking, acoustic sets are perfect. Soloists playing the harp, guitar or piano add a great atmosphere. Lots of bands will provide an option to play a set through the drinks reception. Check out my article on finding the perfect wedding band to read more.

If you’re looking for guests to keep themselves busy then there are countless activities you can look into. Here are my favourite outdoor games at weddings…

18 Fun Outdoor Wedding Games

1. Croquet

An all-time favourite with all ages. Be ready for some serious competitive action, especially when you play in teams! Just make sure at least one player knows the official croquet rules as there are a few that can change the outcome of the game!

2. Giant Jenga

Like Jenga, but bigger! This game of skill builds in tension as the blocks get higher. I love to wait for the inevitable collapse moment!

3. Coconut Shy

A classic carnival-style game, and you’d be surprised at the different throwing techniques people use to knock the coconuts off!

4. Crazy Golf

Another game with an element of skill and can be setup easily to provide lots of fun for guests.

5. Skittles

Hurling a cannonball down a wooden track to smash some skittles over is very appealing and draws a crowd.

6. Rounders

For the more energetic guests, a game of rounders can be a wonderful way to burn off some of the extra calories consumed on a wedding day!

7. Beer Pong

An up and coming favourite, but be careful what drink you use in the cups!

8. Archery

There’s nothing like picking up a longbow and firing it at a target 30 foot away!

9. Boules

A classic garden game that can be played on any lawn. You might need to a tape measure at the ready for the competitive ones!

10. Table Tennis

A few rounds of ping-pong are enough to get you hooked and soon you’ll be playing doubles and you can get even more involved with variations like round the world!

11. Kubb

Hurling wooden batons at a target is always going to be fun. Once you learn the rules to this Scandinavian game you’ll be hooked. Great team game and legend has it that the Vikings used to play this to entertain themselves!

12. Connect 4

A great game for the kids and very easy to setup. Connect 4 does what it says on the tin, drop them in and make those lines!

13. Hula Hoops

I am always amazed by how much entertainment people get from spinning a hula hoop! Adults seem to enjoy this hip twisting activity the most!

14. Rounders

If you have the space then a game of rounders is a must for energetic guests. Be careful of those grass stains though when you launch yourself at home base!

15. Limbo

How low can you go? The ultimate flexibility test. And once you’ve done it that way, see who can jump the highest!

16. Piñata

Hang a donkey filled with sweets from a tree, spin a blindfolded player until dizzy, hand them stick and watch the fun begin!

17. Bouncy Castle

Best for the kids and do make sure it’s monitored. Can provide hours of bouncing entertainment.

18. Giant Bubbles

Creating the biggest bubble soon becomes addictive. Warning: children will scream in delight at the sight of these!

Professional Wedding Entertainers

If you are looking for a professional to entertain your guests, here are a few ideas:


Roaming around astounding your friends and family with sleight of hand and up-close-magic is a wonderful sight to behold and these modern-day wizards will leave you amazed. Darren Campbell is incredible.


If you want a giggle, have an artist drawing on spot impressions of your guests is a sure fire way to do so! For one of the best check out Chrissy Marshall.


Feel like having Harry Potter strolling around and even performing some magic? You can! There are many celebrity look-a-likes who can show up at your wedding and create a stir if you want! Here’s the best Harry Potter Lookalike!

Balloon Modelling

We’ve all seen a balloon being a made into a dog but wait till you see a 6 foot giraffe ballon! Great fun and something different.

Glitter Artist

Add some sparkle to your wedding with a glitter artist who can create a work of art on your face! Have a look at Wish Upon A Sparkle for ideas.

Singing Waiters

Surprise your guests with waiters who will down their trays and start belting out sing-a-long classics.

So many ways to make your wedding more fun! Here are some shots to show examples of the above in action.

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