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This article is the first in a series of blogs aiming to give helpful advice with planning a wedding, starting right here with the girls and how to find the perfect make-up artist (MUA). I have worked with many fine MUAs over the years and I’m lucky enough to have three of them contribute some wise words for you here.

ByAnnabella is a make-up artist, based in Bristol, who has 12 years experience in bridal and editorial makeup and “creates opulent, elegant makeup looks, each tailored to enhance a bride’s natural beauty”. Anabella says, “for me, it’s all about helping every bride step into their wedding day feeling their very best.”

Amy Elizabeth who has over 10 years experience and covers weddings across the South West and she says that “wedding makeup is about looking like yourself at your most beautiful”. Amy works closely with her brides to tailor a makeup look that leaves them looking perfect all day and night.

Jessica Short is an experienced hair and make-up artist who has worked her magic on West End musicals to the big screen and now uses her skills to give brides a personalised and high-end, polished look for their wedding day.

So what’s the best way to find a make-up artist?

Annabella: The best way to find a MUA for your wedding is a good recommendation, or to browse social media platforms such as Instagram to see artists styles and signature looks. You can get a really good idea of their vibe. It’s important to choose a MUA that suits your own styling, not only will you feel more confident but you’ll love it more!

Amy: These days it’s all about visuals. You are normally drawn to the type of makeup an artist can provide by seeing their current work rather than just reading about it. Instagram is where nearly all of my enquires come from at the moment. Brides can see my current work, my kit, the venues I work at and if it’s what they are looking for they contact me directly. You can see if you are looking for a more glam, natural or in-between look and see the artist’s style before you book.

Jessica: My suggestions would be: a recommendation from a friend who has recently got married, using hashtags on Instagram for your venue/area to find local artists, through google, or your venue’s recommended supplier list.

Are there qualifications I should be aware of?

Annabella: I personally don’t believe qualifications are a must, most of the best MUA’s come from an artistic background and some are self-taught. Becoming a MUA comes from a passion and love of how we make women look and feel.

Amy: Things have changed so much in this area. A lot of amazing artists these days are self-taught through YouTube and even though I went to a professional school in London, I would say my experience with brides and training online have taught me more in this industry than my professional training did. So again, look at their work, this is more important as bridal makeup is different to catwalk, theatre etc.

Jessica: No, there aren’t necessarily qualifications to be aware of when choosing your hair and make-up artist so long as they do have a qualification and insurance. I think experience in the industry is much more important. Make sure you read reviews on your chosen artist and like to look of their work before booking them; every artist will have their own unique style.

Is it worth having a trial?

Annabella: Having a trial is important for a few reasons: you want to feel you connect with your MUA and communication is good, you need to check you love the look they create for you and you don’t have any changes for the wedding day and finally it’s important to check you don’t have any skin reactions to the products used.

Amy: If you can, absolutely. Some of my brides live abroad so can not attend a trial, in which case we share photos etc before. However if your artist is suggesting not to trial when you can, I would be worried. This is not just for a photoshoot or evening. You need your makeup to last all day so a trial is part of the process and tweaking little things after a trial is part of your relationship with your artist to make sure it holds up for you, so it is really important to trial. Remember this person is also going to be with your most intimate circle on a very special occasion, when you put your dress on, when your dad sees you… so make sure you gel together and feel this is someone who will make you feel calm and special and you can trust to deliver for you.

Jessica: Yes 100%! Trials give you chance to meet your makeup artist in person and discuss all of your ideas before trialling them. It lets you try your make-up look in advance to your day and gives you time to have a play and make any tweaks required to ensure everything is absolutely perfect. Trials also really help the artist to feel confident on the wedding morning and that they know the exact look they are creating for you.

Is brand of make-up important?

Annabella: Brand of makeup isn’t particularly important but quality is. It’s like anything, if the quality of the skincare and makeup being used is more of a premium brand, you will find the longevity and end result has a more polished and perfected finish.

Amy: Again this is a personal choice and depends what you are looking for in an artist. The brands they use in their kit should reflect in their pricing. When I do makeup on a client with the brands I use it could easily cost a bride over £400 to have bought those products for herself. I personally believe it makes a more special experience to have high quality products in my kit and makes it a luxury pampering time for you whilst sitting in my chair on your wedding day.

Jessica: I personally don’t think the brand of makeup is important - I think it’s whether it does what it says on the tin and gives you the look and finish you are after. I have trialled many brands and products throughout my career as a makeup artist and now have a kit full of products I love and trust. I also only purchase cruelty-free brands.

What can I expect on the wedding day?

Amy: In my over 10 years experience one of the first things I can say is timing are so important. So your artist should be punctual with an organised and hygienic kit with a professional manner. You would have discussed all timings before the day so your artist will work with your hairdresser on a time plan and stay to the end for any final tweaks and to make sure you are picture perfect before you leave. The artist will work from a face chart and pictures they drew up at trial so they will know your look along with adding any feedback from the trial you had.

Jessica: Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days in your life so it is important that you have a relaxing start. As you would have prepared everything in advance at your trial, you will be able to sit back, drink champagne and let your MUA take care of you. They should arrive in plenty of time to get you and your bridal party ready. Most artists aim to have you ready approximately one hour before your ceremony, leaving you time to get into your dress, add any finishing touches and have your photographs taken.

What is your favourite make-up tip that can be used by all women?

Annabella: Less is more…. I really believe in enhancing your natural beauty and not over-loading with too many products, working with your best features to make the most of you is always the key to a blushing bride.

Thank you again for the awesome advice from Anabella ( and Amy ( both make up artists you can trust to deliver an exceptional look for your wedding day.

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