Dillington House Wedding Photographer

Vicky & Hugh, Dillington House

The chance to photograph a wedding outdoors is always fun. Doing so in a private garden for a one-time-only event, made it something altogether rather unique. Vicky and Hugh held their blessing in the incredibly beautiful garden of his Mum’s house in Crewkerne, Somerset. It really was quite something adn there was a lot of love for the happy couple.

Back at the charming Dillington House we were blessed with more fine weather. Friends and family made the most of the garden games and extensive grounds. This was one of those crowds that I got the feeling were really going to let loose come the evening, and they didn’t disappoint! With great music from awesome band AfterSun, things jumped up another notch: that’s why I always stay past the first dance - the action is just too entertaining to miss!

Vicky and Hugh were a delight to photograph and I adore the connection they have. Not ones to take themselves to seriously they are all about the fun and laughter!

​If you are looking for a Dillington House wedding photographer I would love to hear your plans. I am based in Bath and cover weddings across the UK for couples who love natural moments captured.

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