Isle of Wight Wedding Photography

Jenna & Calvin, Isle Of Wight

​I had been looking forward to Jenna and Calvin’s wedding for a long time, not least because it was on the Isle of Wight and I’d never been there, but also because it would be my first New Year’s Eve wedding.

With rainfall the day before, it looked like we might be inside the whole day, but the weather gods smiled down on us and we even had some winter sun on our faces. It was great to take the two newlyweds around the local area for some pictures, which was something they hadn’t been looking forward to. Like a lot of couples, they told me things like, ‘The camera hates us!” But I know how to get the best out of people and it soon ends up being a genuinely fun and relaxed time, not the stressful experience people imagine it to be!

Back at the reception, things were hotting up with hand-crafted masks to go along with the superhero theme and a musical score, and a brilliant atmosphere was brewing. Once the formalities were over, the party got even hotter as the bad whether rolled in. When Calvin and half the wedding guests then sang along, word for word, to So Solid Crew’s ‘21 Seconds’, I knew there was going to be some good times ahead!

Come countdown time, the whole marquee was well and truly raving and with party poppers exploding in my ears, it was wonderful to see how happy everyone was. Me? I had an absolutely awesome time and met some wonderful people along the way, I’ll not be shooting NYE this year but I look forward to another one soon!

A great wedding, an awesome party, a perfect couple. Thank you Jenna and Calvin for having me along for the ride, I loved every minute of it.

Here’s a taste of what went down NYE 2014 on the Isle of Wight.

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