Nonsuch Wedding Photography

Jenny & James, Nonsuch Mansion

I thought I might have experienced it all … from cheeky streakers to flirty Aunts, drunken brawls to epic dance-offs.

Yet, I can still be surprised.

And this is what makes weddings so interesting to photograph. It’s not the venue or the styling, it’s the people. They are the key. They make every wedding a fascinating, unknown journey.

Today, I present to you Jenny and James, two utterly delightful human beings. Making my way up to London, I recalled they were friends with another couple, Bibby and Dan, whose wedding I shot a few years back. My thought was, “It’ll be a similar crowd but there’s no way things will get as crazy as that party did…”

Ha! Was I proved wrong about that!

Before you whizz down to see what must be one of the maddest wedding parties ever, I’ll just rewind to what happened before all that…

The Build up to the Day

Jenny and the bridesmaids got ready at the couple’s house in Wimbledon with hair and make up from Tori Harris. The ever-present cats made sure to get in as many photos as possible.

I caught up with the boys, looking dapper in Ted Baker suits, at The Crooked Billet near the Common. A good dose of beer and banter and then they were off to make sure the church was ready to rock.

Back to the house and Jenny was ready for her stunning Shanna Melville dress. With the bridesmaids in outfits by Two Birds, all that was left was for Dad Martin to have a first look at his daughter: cue the first tears of the day.

Next it was over to Christ’s Church Wimblemdon. VIP arrivals, a very special ceremony, a good old sing song, some ‘I dos’, an all important signing, a big kiss, a massive cheer, some group shots, crazy confetti, quaffing of champagne, big hugs, Routemaster buses… and away!

Wedding Reception at Nonsuch Mansion

The reception at Nonsuch Mansion oozed charm and sophistication, helped along by gorgeous flowers from Vanessa Birley, stationary by Felicitations and tasty food from catering team Bovingdons. With the clouds breaking and the sun beating down, I took the newlyweds for a stroll around the gardens. This part of the day is easily the most fun for me; I want couples to truly relax and actually enjoy the session. No faffing around with poses here - I seek real emotion and I do that with the awesome approach that is Beloved/Moment Design. Give a couple a pose and they feel awkward, give them a game to play, a memory to cherish, a dream to share and they lose themselves in the moment entirely.

Jennifer and James, Nonsuch Mansion.

Wildest Wedding Party Ever!

Ok, so now you just want to hear about this party that went off the chain right?! Well, after some rather excellent speeches, things got hotter when phenomenal band, The Hares, started up and soon the whole place was bouncing off the walls. Ties were on heads before I knew it, dance-offs were underway, a conga sprouted from nowhere and soon guests were on other guest’s shoulders! In fact, I found myself being lifted up at one point, so I took the opportunity to get some aerial shots!

All pretty standard, I hear you say. But wait…

When a shoe became a drinking receptacle, things reached another level. Then the shirts came off. Apparently, Kings Of Leon’s ‘Sex on Fire’ has this effect on James’ hockey team mates and soon enough things got very friendly and errr, very sweaty. With all the love in the room it didn’t take long for Jenny to be brought into the fray for a super romantic dance with topless James.

Then The Hares did their final, final song and the music stopped. But it didn’t. The foot stamping grew, and soon enough we were off again for another half and hour of acapella singing and dancing courtesy of the remaining wedding guests. Just an amazing atmosphere and unrivalled happiness. When it all finally came to an end I was as sweaty and full of endorphins as the rest of them.

My. Kind. Of. Party.

Not all weddings are like this and I wouldn’t expect them to be, that’s what makes them amazing. But it’s always about people, and there is always love in there too, which is the real reason we’re all there in the first place drinking out of shoes.

All that’s left is to see how I photographed Jenny and James’ epic wedding story. Start scrolling!

If you are getting married in London and are looking for a creative Nonsuch Mansion wedding photographer, please do get in touch, I’d love to hear your wedding plans.

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