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Why Unposed Couple Photographs Matter on Your Wedding Day

As a documentary wedding photographer the images I take tell the story of the day without affecting how it plays out. Allowing moments to unfold naturally means that the experience is one that is true to the feelings at the time.

When it comes to the couple photos this is where a traditional photoshoot is based on getting pictures that ‘look’ nice/romantic/fun and often revolve around poses. The trouble with this approach is that the emphasis on how something looks does not always correlate to how it feels.

For me this is the wrong way around. The rest of the wedding day is bursting with real moments, emotion and connection and I want to bring this same energy into the time spent with just the couple. My goal is to produce photographs that are reflective of the couple and their relationship, from how they are together to what makes them tick.

I have evolved my approach since 2014 to get even reticent, camera-shy couples to show me who they really are in front of the lens. Making the couple session an experience that is both memorable and meaningful results in images that bring intrinsic value to those in the frame, because after all that is who it is for. You will feel the difference in the process and you’ll see the difference in the images.

So, how does all this work? Essentially, I encourage couples to engage in interactions and activities that heighten feelings and create connection. This is done within a trusted space where the couple can relax and be themselves, thereby unlocking real emotion. The tasks are always pitched for the moment; keeping it light and fun to start with and moving to a deeper level as the session progresses, if appropriate. Ultimately, the session is about providing you with a space to be yourself, to show how you really feel about your partner and to do so in a way that is not cringy, cheesy or posed, but is instead about genuine moments.

And remember, the couple session is one of the only points on a wedding day where you get to spend with just each other. I believe that this time together is precious and shouldn’t be an excuse for the photographer to just get images for their portfolio, but instead can be an opportunity for newlyweds to savour quality time together through activities that bring them closer. For those that worry it’s going to eat up lots of time away from their guests, fear not, I only take couples off for around 20 minutes, and will add in a 5-10 minute session in the evening if there’s a good break in planned events, which does allow for a nice chance to reflect on the day at this point, before diving back into the party!

To reiterate, I believe that how the session feels trumps how it looks every time by creating an experience that lets couples tap into all the joy, love and tenderness that lies just below the surface. If spending time hanging out together and having fun sounds good, then I’d love to hear from you! If you’re looking for a photographer who can not only tell the unique story of your wedding day, but capture your relationship in a genuinely meaningful way, you’re in the right place!

Have a scroll through the images below and get a taste of the photographs of couples I’ve taken over the years and if you love the kind of real connections I’ve captured and would like to have these sort of moments taken on your own wedding day (or any other day!), do get in touch with me here.

​If you’d like to get in touch and find out more about my wedding photography then do send me a message here, I’d love to hear from you.

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