Roughmoor Farm Wedding Photography

Sarah & Joe, Roughmoor Farm

One of my favourite venues, Roughmoor Farm in Somerset, is in its last year as a wedding venue. The lovely owners Tom and Claire (who got married here first and thought it would be nice for others to do the same) are moving on from the world of weddings to the world of coffee and so this may well be the last time I blog a wedding from here! Not to worry though because it’s an absolute gem.

I had the privilege to photograph Sarah and Joe’s wedding day at Roughmoor back in June and they are a truly inspiring partnership. They really bring out the best in each other and with their daughter Martha they have already shown how wonderful they are as parents. With all the love and support you could ever want from a group of friends and family, they had the best start to their married life. Although, Sarah did make Joe sweat it out for half an hour at the church and even had the vicar clock watching as they finally made their way up the path to the ceremony!

Now, I could go on and tell you all about the day from how bad guys are at putting on button holes, how awesome the family Beetle looked, how emotional the speeches were, how damned good the dancing was. But you’d haven’t come here to read! You’ve come to see! So see you shall. Time for some of my favourite photos of the day…

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Beautiful mate! love the last couple lit under the trees :)
Comment by: Richard Skins Posted: 12/10/2016
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