Intimate and Small Weddings

Intimate & Small Wedding Photography

For some people the dream wedding is a big, bold affair and involves lots of guests, suppliers and glitz, but can also come with a hefty price tag.

There is, however, a way to counter this: a small or even intimate wedding. The focus moves to the most important thing about the wedding: two people choosing to form a life-long, binding union. There is something very special about seeing only closest friends and family present, or in some cases with wedding elopements, there are just two guests and when there are no guests at all, I have had to be an official witness myself!

Another reason why people choose to have a smaller wedding is that they usually come with less to organise and therefore less stress - many people still choose to have a party to celebrate at a later date, and without the pressure of a full wedding day they enjoy themselves more. Many intimate weddings take place mid-week and this actually opens up a large variety of venues that you may have considered out of budget, but which can offer you a great deal on a small wedding.

I have been a photographer for intimate weddings at the Guildhall Bath such as for Elena and Fotios and Karin and Tyrone. I’ve photographed a small wedding ceremony at Bowerchaulk Barn for Willum and Kirsty, and have been twice to the beautiful Thyme in the Cotswolds including this elopement with Tenielle and Joz. Temple Minerva has been another great choice for couples looking for a small and personal venue for their wedding ceremony, a great example is Lizzie and Eddie’s.

If you are considering a smaller wedding or an elopement, then the one thing that can provide long lasting memories is your wedding photography. I am able to provide exactly the same service as for my larger weddings, with the option to tailor it to a reduced number of hours (many couples find between 3 and 6 hours adequate). Some people still like some getting ready photos and it has been lovely to see couples getting ready together. Of course you can still have some traditional group shots after the ceremony if you want to.

One of my favourite parts of any wedding is taking photographs of the newly married couple during their portrait session. This is never your typical ‘stand and pose’ session, more an opportunity to spend time together hanging out and engaging with each other through games and activities that help me to capture real emotion and expression. My approach to the couple portraits is relaxed and I aim to capture a true representation of your relationship.

Scroll down to see a small sample of moments from some intimate weddings I have photographed.

I would love to hear from you if you are planing an intimate or small wedding and want to remember it with beautiful photographs of your day.

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